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 Monday 12-12-2011 Wicked Dominator

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PostSubject: Monday 12-12-2011 Wicked Dominator   Sat Dec 10, 2011 12:19 am

Domination - Highest Total Captures


Prepare your loadout for offensive tactics in Domination. Let your teammates concentrate on playing defense; for the next few hours, your job is to capture targets. Don’t get overly aggressive though. You won’t help yourself or your team if you get killed every time you rush in for a capture.

Enlist in the operation, then go into a public match and play. While you might not play directly against other enlisted players, your total score for the in-game statistics (Most Kills, Most Bomb Plants, etc.) within a stated period of time determines which players are winners. When the Operation ends, a Leaderboard displays everyone’s placement.

Enlist now or you’ll regret it

Enlistment Period is over once the event starts. If the event starts at 12:00 AM(PDT), you better enlist by 11:58 PM (PDT) just to be safe.
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Monday 12-12-2011 Wicked Dominator
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