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 Saturday & Sunday 12-10/11-2011 Rampaging Behemoth x2

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PostSubject: Saturday & Sunday 12-10/11-2011 Rampaging Behemoth x2   Sat Dec 10, 2011 12:18 am

Domination - Highest Total Defends

Detractors call it camping… those people don't know the value of a quality defender. This operation is all about protecting your team’s domination points from the enemy’s ever-advancing forces. For every enemy you kill as they attempt to capture your position, you’ll score a defend and that’s another point for you on the leaderboard. Good luck.

Enlist in the operation, then go into a public match and play. While you might not play directly against other enlisted players, your total score for the in-game statistics (Most Kills, Most Bomb Plants, etc.) within a stated period of time determines which players are winners. When the Operation ends, a Leaderboard displays everyone’s placement.

Enlist now or you’ll regret it

Enlistment Period is over once the event starts. If the event starts at 12:00 AM(PDT), you better enlist by 11:58 PM (PDT) just to be safe.
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Saturday & Sunday 12-10/11-2011 Rampaging Behemoth x2
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